Agartha CBD (Super Strains) feminized

The Agartha strain is the result of a breeding program looking to get a Haze plant with high CBD levels.

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Amnesia (Super Strains) Feminisiert

A legend made available for every home-grower! The original Amnesia by Super Strains

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Cookies Krush (Super Strains) feminized

Get ready to be flattened by the THC-banger Cookies Krush courtesy of Super Strains.

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Crackers (Super Strains) feminized

This is a beautiful Amnesia hybrid by SuperStrains that will get you hazed in no time.

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Eden CBD (Super Strains) feminized

Rich in CBD and with very low THC percentages this is the perfect seed for those into medicinal cannabis

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Enemy's Dream (Super Strains) feminized

Be amazed by Super Strain's Enemy's Dream, an awesome Diesel and Enemy State hybrid that will drive your tastebuds crazy.

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Hermana de la Noche (Super Strains) femi...

Capture that soothing effect with Super Strains' Hermana de la Noche. A hybrd Sativa dominance with THC levels up to 19%.

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Ibiza Farmer's (Super Strains) feminized

Ibiza Farmer's by Super Strains combines the strengths of Indica and Sativa.

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La Jefa (Super Strains) feminized

Feel the power of Super Strains' La Jefa, a feminized seed with high THC levels (21%).

Mexican Candy (Super Strains) feminized

Mexican Candy is a feminized variety with THC levels at 22%, a fruity taste and happy effect you're definitely going to love.

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Saga CBD (Super Strains) feminized

CBD levels are pushed to a new max in this very chill cannabis strain.

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