Super Strains

SuperStrains ist der stolze Erfinder der weltberühmten Amnesia Sorte. Diese legendäre Pflanze und mehrfache Cup Gewinnerin ist immer noch ein Meilenstein ihrer Kollektion.

Agartha CBD (Super Strains) feminized

The Agartha strain is the result of a breeding program looking to get a Haze plant with high CBD levels.

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Amnesia (Super Strains) Feminisiert

A legend made available for every home-grower! The original Amnesia by Super Strains

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Cookies Krush (Super Strains) feminized

Get ready to be flattened by the THC-banger Cookies Krush courtesy of Super Strains.

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Crackers (Super Strains) feminized

This is a beautiful Amnesia hybrid by SuperStrains that will get you hazed in no time.

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DFA Autoflowering (Super Strains) Femini...

An easy to grow autoflowering variety, a complex cross of Enemy of the State, Indica and Sativa strains.

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Eden CBD (Super Strains) feminized

Rich in CBD and with very low THC percentages this is the perfect seed for those into medicinal cannabis

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Enemy's Dream (Super Strains) feminized

Be amazed by Super Strain's Enemy's Dream, an awesome Diesel and Enemy State hybrid that will drive your tastebuds crazy.

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Hermana de la Noche (Super Strains) femi...

Capture that soothing effect with Super Strains' Hermana de la Noche. A hybrd Sativa dominance with THC levels up to 19%.

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Ibiza Farmer's (Super Strains) feminized

Ibiza Farmer's by Super Strains combines the strengths of Indica and Sativa.

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La Jefa (Super Strains) feminized

Feel the power of Super Strains' La Jefa, a feminized seed with high THC levels (21%).

Mexican Candy (Super Strains) feminized

Mexican Candy is a feminized variety with THC levels at 22%, a fruity taste and happy effect you're definitely going to love.

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Saga CBD (Super Strains) feminized

CBD levels are pushed to a new max in this very chill cannabis strain.

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